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WTbotBuilder Lifetime Deal, The WhatsApp & Telegram Chatbot Marketing Tool

Revolutionize customer engagement with WTbotBuilder, the ultimate WhatsApp & Telegram Chatbot Marketing Tool. Increase conversions and click-through rates. Experience the power of this lifetime deal.

WTbotBuilder is an online tool that allows you to create a chatbot using a visual drag and drop editor. With this tool, you can easily design and customize your chatbot to suit your specific needs. It also offers features such as short links and chat widgets, which make it easy to share your chatbot with others.

One of the major highlights of WTbotBuilder is its business growth with broadcasting tool. This feature allows you to reach a larger audience by broadcasting messages to multiple users at once. It also has live chat and shared inbox functionality, enabling you to engage with your users in real-time.

WTbotBuilder also offers integration with WhatsApp Catalog, making it convenient for you to showcase and sell your products within the WhatsApp platform. Additionally, the tool provides messaging automation with the drip campaigner, allowing you to streamline your communication with subscribers.

Another noteworthy feature of WTbotBuilder is its subscriber list management and segmentation capabilities. This feature enables you to organize and manage your subscribers effectively, ensuring that you can deliver targeted messages to specific segments of your audience.

The tool offers seamless integration and automation, making it easy to connect with other platforms and automate various tasks. For instance, it has integration with Telegram Group Management and Anti-Spam Automation, allowing you to efficiently manage your Telegram groups and prevent spam.

Furthermore, WTbotBuilder provides a full-featured eCommerce solution for Telegram. This feature enables you to set up an eCommerce store within Telegram, allowing users to browse and purchase products directly within the messaging app.

In terms of integrations, WTbotBuilder offers smart integrations with several popular platforms. For example, it has integrated OpenAI's language processing technology, enabling the chatbot to understand and respond to user inputs in a conversational manner. It also supports integrations with WhatsApp, WooCommerce, Shopify, SMS, email, and webforms with webhook support.

Now let's move on to the available offers and pricing for WTbotBuilder. There are four lifetime deals available:

  1. The first deal is priced at $49 and includes features such as 25,000 subscribers, 5 connect accounts, and 25,000 messages per month. It also offers unlimited bot conditional reply, bot message insight, bot AI reply, input flow campaign, live chat, broadcast, and sequence campaign. Additionally, it includes unlimited Telegram group management and API integration WhatsApp eCommerce catalog.

  2. The second deal is priced at $99 and includes everything from the first deal, along with additional features such as 45,000 subscribers and 10 connect accounts. The number of messages per month is also increased to 45,000.

  3. The third deal is priced at $149 and includes everything from the previous deals, along with additional features such as 65,000 subscribers, 15 connect accounts, and 65,000 messages per month. It also offers 8 team members and advanced live chat functionality.

  4. The fourth deal is priced at $199 and includes everything from the previous deals, along with additional features such as 85,000 subscribers, 20 connect accounts, and 85,000 messages per month. It also offers 10 team members.

In conclusion, WTbotBuilder is a powerful tool that allows you to create and customize chatbots easily. With its various features and integrations, you can automate your messaging and engage with your audience effectively. The available lifetime deals provide great value, allowing you to choose the package that suits your needs and budget.