ZeroWork Creator App Black Friday Lifetime Deal | Ending Soon

ZeroWork Creator App is a no-code solution that lets you build TaskBots and sell them in their marketplace.

๐ŸŽ Get the ZeroWork Creator App lifetime deal for $79 with the following features:

  • 75 TaskBots

  • No-code builder to create TaskBots

  • Condition-based logic to set daily or weekly DMs or profile visits

  • Unlimited local executions of your TaskBots with a lightweight agent installed on your desktop

  • Run TaskBots in the background

  • Unlimited parallel run of multiple TaskBots

  • Save or process data in data tables

  • Manipulate data by removing words, splitting, extracting, or converting formats

  • Send or receive data with configurable API calls to or from any other platform

  • Native Google Sheets integration

  • Webhook triggers (integrate TaskBots to your own Zapier and Make workflowsโ€”BETA)

  • Send ready-to-use TaskBots to client accounts with one click

  • Publish TaskBots on the marketplace and generate recurring revenue

  • Scheduler executed by the local agent (BETA)

๐ŸŽ For $189, Get the lifetime license Tier-2 with everything above + Unlimited TaskBots.

Deal Price:
1900-03-19 0:00:00