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ZimmWriter AI Lifetime Deal, With $15 Extra OFF ✍ AI Writing Simplified for Windows

Unlock the full potential of AI in your writing workflow with ZimmWriter. Simplify your writing process and optimize SEO content effortlessly. Get the ZimmWriter AI Lifetime Deal now with $15 Extra OFF!

Major Features:

  • Magic Command Writing: Utilize AI assistance for writing and summarizing in various text editors.
  • Continue Writing & Re-Writing: Overcome writer's block by seamlessly continuing or rephrasing content.
  • 1-Click Blog Post Generation: Effortlessly create long-form content with a single click.
  • SEO Blog Writer: Optimize articles for search engines with built-in SERP scraping tools.
  • Bulk Content Creation: Handle large projects like rewriting web pages or generating local SEO files.

Use Cases:

  • Easily generate blog posts with a single click.
  • Create SEO-optimized articles tailored for search engine dominance.
  • Handle bulk content creation for large-scale projects efficiently.
  • Generate blog posts from URLs and local SEO content effortlessly.

Available Offer:

  • ZimmWriter Lifetime Deal for $482 (Use Code SPECIAL15 for $15 OFF):- Unlimited Words & Articles.
  • SEO Writing + Magic Commands.
  • Bulk Writing (1,000 articles at a time).
  • Bulk Rewriting from URLs (1,000 URLs at a time).
  • Bulk Product Roundups from Amazon & Other URLs.
  • Automatic AI Image Generation for Articles.
  • Integrated WordPress Uploads & Scheduling.
  • Local SEO Content Generator.


  • Compatible with Windows 8, 10, 11.
  • Incompatible with Webroot.
  • Supports English language input only.
  • Requires an OpenAI API key and adherence to OpenAI usage policies.


  • An unofficial guide for ZimmWriter installation on MacOS is available in the official Facebook group for MacBook users.
  • Annual plan available for $247 per year with additional features and no limits on words & articles.